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I figured I'd do a follow up post for the rest of the movies I saw in 2010. Not quite as many as the first half, but still a pretty good number. Looks to be 24 films total this year.

Inception: Very good overall. Not as confusing as many would have you believe.
Scott Pilgrim vs the World: Good, despite Michael Cera. A very, very niche movie. Very much a love it or hate it film. I don't see there being much middle ground.
The Expendables: Good. It is distilled 80s action movie.
Machete: Good. It delivered everything the trailers promised.
Red: Very good. Just fun overall.
Skyline: Everything that wasn't computer generated was pretty well awful. If I hadn't expected it to be utter drek, I'd have wanted my money back after the ending scene. Eve
Megamind: Very good. It's a toss up between this and Despicable Me for favorite animated film of the year. I don't much care for Will Ferrel, but throughout the movie I don't think there was a single moment where it was really obvious to me he was doing the voice acting.
Shrek Forever After: This was playing second after Megamind at the drive-in. Mandy wanted to see it. I'm not a fan of the series, in fact this may be the only one I've watched beginning to end. Surprisingly dark film, not in tone, but not bright. Lots of scenes were hard to see at a drive-in. Overall not bad, but Shrek still not my thing.
Faster: Good revenge flick. Duane should stick to this type of stuff.
Tangled: Good. But after all the good non-Disney animated stuff I've seen I've pretty much lost what little tolerance I had for the superfluous Disney musical scenes.
True Grit: Very good. Definitely top 3 film of this year.
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I decided to do a relatively brief write up on the movies I've seen so far this year. 2010 has been a pretty good year so far for at least getting me to head out to the theater. I've been to probably more movies this year than the past two or three combined. And I know of around a half dozen or more things coming up that I want to see as well(Tron, Scott Pilgrim, Expendables.). So, the movies, in no particular order.

Book of Eli: Good. Some plot holes, but they're more of an issue once you think about it after the movie is over vs stuff that jumps out while watching it. But hey, post-apocalyptic Denzel with swords.
Wolfman: Ok. Probably better if you're really a genre fan, or if like my room mate does, claim that Benicio Del Toro's is your Secret Internet Boyfriend.
Cop Out: Good. A definite homage to all the 80s buddy cop movies.
Clash of the Titans: Bad. The only bad movie I've seen this year. See below entry for more details why.
The Losers: Good. Mindless action flick for the most part. Zoe Saldana was by far the worst part. Her character and sub-plot could have been dropped and greatly improved the film.
The Crazies: Good. Fun zombie apocalypse type film. My only real gripe is the characters kept splitting up for no logical reasons.
Hot Tub Time Machine: Good. Another homage to 80s movies, this time the outrageous party type.
Kick-Ass: Good. Not exactly the same as the books, but the changes were all pretty much improvements for the movie format.
Robin Hood: Ok. Paced way too slow and too long over all. Annoying that it's an unfinished story and we'll likely never get the rest.
Iron Man 2: Good. If Marvel keeps releasing movies of similar quality I will be a happy camper for quite some time.
A-Team: Good. More mindless action. Obviously, not the same as the TV series, but the spirit of the show is pretty much there.
Despicable Me: Good. Fun all around movie. The minions are the best part, especially the glow minion.
Predators: Good. Decent sequal to the original movie. It's a bit dark for seeing at the drive-in. I liked that the used the original music. A number of small homages to the original. Topher Grace should have been gutted early in the film.
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Saw Clash of the Titans at the drive-in tonight. It is a bad movie. Not horrible, it has some nifty cgi, and some decent scenes, but the three writers were definitely partaking of the crack pipe when they wrote the script. We kept track of how many things were just WTF wrong well before it was over. The plot was incoherent and contradictory, they seemed to be going for a whole humans not needing the gods and able to do things on their own theme. However, Perseus is only able to do things because he's a demi-god(Such as being able to best trained and experience warriors with absolutely no training or experience of his own.) thus completely contradicting the main theme. Here's a list of things I can recall, I'm also putting them in the order I remember them happening in the film.

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Well, society is definitely set to benefit the child producing family unit. Of course this is a logical self preservation tactic. The society would die out if it didn't encourage growth. Holidays are definitely family centric, but I don't feel any particular pressure pushing me toward starting one. I have no plans to have kids, although I've been married before, and I don't feel ostracized from society. However, there are many things in society that have no importance to me due to being child-free. The whole "think of the children" movement is just annoying, whether in politics or where ever. I have a whole different set of priorities vs people my age with children.
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Since I'm back in Pittsburgh visiting my mom for a couple weeks, we all headed down to the aunt and uncles place for dinner. Fairly big get together. Aunt, Uncle, both Cousins, my grandfather, my brother and his girlfriend, and one of the cousins boyfriend and his kids. We had ham, turkey, and the usual trimming. Tons of desert. Apple, peach and pumking pie. A pumpkin cheesecake. A gingerbread pumpkin truffle thing. And a chocolate cake/pie/pudding thing called incredible or something like that. I renamed it 'The Achocolypse. Very good but extremely rich. I am now fighting off a food coma.
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Well, it's that time of year again. Turned 35 this year. This year wasn't that great health wise. Had a cracked rib, and the heart problem. But both have cleared up and I'm getting better. Didn't do anything on the 4th. Will probably go out for dinner with Drea on Friday instead.
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I had my angiogram yesterday. Not a whole lot of fun. Two attempts at an IV, but no huge bruise this time. Failed on my left arm, but succeeded on the back of my right thumb. Turns out, that's even less pleasant than the back of the hand. Much of the day was spent with the focus on my private area. While in the prep room, I got shaved while four nurses are in attendance. The lines for the angiogram go in the veins and artery in the leg near the groin area while under local anesthetic. It wasn't too painful, but definitely uncomfortable. The procedure took about 30 minutes, not counting prep and wait times. And today it feels like I was kicked in the junk, but other than that, all is good. The doctor found no blockages or damage. In fact heart function had significatnly improved since the ultrasound of my heart. He definitely believes it to be viral, and will treat it with just medication, diet and exercise. He added a beta-blocker prescription and recommended adjustments to my existing meds and wants to see me in a month.
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I had two appointments today. One for blood work. The nurse was very good this time, got the vein on the first attempt. They needed LOTS of my blood apparently, they filled eight of those little vials. I also had a follow up with the cardiologist. The main purpose of this visit was to see how the diuretics were doing to remove all the water weight. They were shooting for roughly 2lbs a day. The good news is, I somehow managed to drop 60lbs in a week. I had thought I was doing well just judging by how I felt, but this surprised me and the doctor. He recommended staying on the pills for another week. He'll see me again, next Wednesday and we'll schedule my heart catheter if everything continues well. He also did another EKG on me and it appeared good. My blood pressure is down a bit. Next to see my primary care doctor tomorrow. </td>
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I had a few more appointments this week. Tuesday I went to my primary care doctor and to the podiatrist. The podiatrist wrapped both legs from ankle to knee. The compression will help force some of the liquid up into the body where it can be removed and the wrappings will help clear the rash I had on my legs. It seems to have helped some. They're supposed to be on my legs for 10 days, but I doubt they'll last that long. They're already pretty ragged. After that I spoke with my primary doctor and reviewed how things were going. She doubled the dosage of the generic Lasix, and gave me a prescription for a second, supplementary diuretic. And pending the outcome of the echocardiogram had discussed me goinig to a medical facility in Tucson that speciallized in Lymphatic Adema.

Wednesday, I made it to the cardiologist for the echocardiogram. The good news, not lymphatic. We also appear to have found the cause of the water retention. The bad news, it is heart related. My heart appears to be working at a fairly low capacity along with some relatively high blood pressure. The cardiologist is not certain of the cause of the heart issues, it could be the Diabetes, or a blockage, or something else. But he agrees with my primary doctor that treating the water retention must come first. He also prescribed some blood pressure medication, and wants to see me back next week. I also have another appointment with the primary doctor the following day. Basically they want to see how the higher doses of diuretics help.

Due to a screw up by the pharmacy, I didn't get the new diuretic until this evening, but I did start doubling the other. This did result in significant changes. I took the pills at around 11am when I woke, and from Noon til around 6pm I had to go like clockwork every 30 minutes. Some areas are noticably less swollen so that's good as well. I can only imaging what things are gonna be like with the second diuretic, but it all appears to be working. And I need more blood work on Monday. Let's hope they can find a vein without too much adventure this time.
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Now with pic. Just for orietation purposes, my arm is pointing at the camerra palm up. The bruise is just above the inside of the elbow.
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I have GIANT dark purple bruises where both failed IVs were inserted. There's a much fainter bruise on the back of my left hand where the successful IV was entered. I should get my room mate to take pics. These, especially the one on my right arm.
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Well I got to experience a CT scan today. It was interesting, except for the IV part. They needed to put in an IV to inject iodine. Right arm, inside elbow, fail. Left arm, inside elbow, fail. Back of left hand, finally success. Lotsa bruising. Fortunately despite their multiple failures, they were pretty good and didn't hurt much in the failed attempts. But I have nice bruises. Other than that, the CT scan was uneventful. I'm gonna talk with my doctor about the results tomorrow. I also have to go in for some testing on my heart and if I can arrange an early appointment, to the podiatrist to have some kind of medical boot soak to see if it can reduce the swelling in my feet some.
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Well, looks like we're playing a nice rousing game of 'Stump the Doctor'. I lost about 6 lbs over the weekend. Likely all water weight, which indicates the water pills are working as intended. All tests run so far are normal. Needed some bloodwork yesterday. Also got put on an anti-biotic, just in case there's an infection. Bloodwork was normal, so now for a abdominal/pelvis CT on Thursday to check to see if the fluid retention is lymphatic. In the mean time, continue taking my daily group of pills and hope to continue to drop water weight as I have been.
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Well, I finally got to the doctor's office yesterday. I lost my medical insurance when the job at Apple ended. I had to wait to get hired on full time at PlumChoice for their medical to kick in. This was not good as I was definitely showing signs of Type II Diabetes in my last testing with the doctor, but that's not what brought me in yesterday.

Let's summarize. I've been working at home for PlumChoice since March, and I don't have the best desk posture. I started having the tops of my feet swell. I was thinking this was due to me rolling my ankles and resting on the feet funny. Turns out it was water retention. Fast forward to about a week and a half ago, and the swelling starts to head north. Knees, inside of thighs, pelvis, stomach, and back. This is quite uncomfortable and makes moving painful and awkward at best. I do some online research and try some home treatment such as cranberry pills and lemon water(1 lemon squeezed into about 16oz of water.). These didn't help a whole lot.

So, to the Doctor's once my medical insurance kicked in. Confirmed the Type II Diabetes diagnosis. Gave the doctor my run down on symptoms. She thinks it's likely something to do with the heart, liver, or kidneys as these three account for the majority of extreme water/liquid retention. Oh, by extreme, I mean I hold probably 40lbs or more of liquid. She ran an EKG, heart appears good. Not jaundiced or anything, unlikely to be liver. She writes up a prescription for water pills and a potassium supplement and schedules me for a bunch of tests. Off to the imaging center for an ultrasound and x-rays. The ultrasound was interesting and torturous at the same time. They went over my legs for blood clots and stomach and pelvis to make sure the fluid retention was in the tissue and not the body cavity. Finally a couple x-rays of my chest. All look good according to tests.

Took my prescriptions once I got home. According to the doctor I'd be going like a faucet after a couple hours. Took about 4 to kick in, but boy did it. I'm still very swollen, but there's noticable improvement in the upper areas. Gonna consult again with the doctor this morning. See if she want to run more tests, or just wait a few days and see if the water pills continue to work.


Aug. 31st, 2009 08:31 am
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Disney is gonna buy Marvel Entertainment for 4 billion in cash and stock. Not sure how I feel about that. They'd didn't totally tank Pixar once they bought it, but the stated reasoning behind the acquisition is all PR and Marketroid BS. "Disney CEO Robert Iger said the latest acquisition combines Marvel's "strong global brand and world-renowned library of characters" with Disney's "unparalleled global portfolio of entertainment properties" and ability to maximize value across multiple platforms and territories.". Nothing like a CEO to use so many words to say so little.
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The trailer is extremely impressive from at least a technical perspective. The CGI is very nice. And if reports are to believed, very little is in it's final completed form. The plot is pretty basic, and can be summed up as Dances with Wolves with Aliens. As long as there's no gaping plot holes or horrific acting and dialogue I'm fine with the deliberately not terribly original plot. Not all stories have to be completely new and original. If Hollywood would do more classic story ideas in different environment movies instead of 'reimaginings' and remakes I'd be a lot happier.


Jan. 17th, 2009 03:01 am
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I haven't been buying many new DVDs and things recently. The current iPod support gig doesn't give me quite as much play money. That and I've been trying to build back some of the savings I spent when I was off work between March and September. There's also been some medical bills in the past month, but nothing too bad. They didn't stop me from making a couple of recent good purchases.

First, Crows ZERO. Another movie by our friend Takashi Miike. Definitely the least disturbing Takashi Miike film I've seen. To steal from wikipedia, "The film centers around the character Genji Takaya, a newcomer to Suzuran High School who aims to 'conquer' Suzuran. Genji makes a deal with his father, Hideo Takitani. If he can conquer the school, he will be allowed to succeed his father as the head of his yakuza syndicate.". Standing in his way is Tamao Serizawa, the current "Monster" third year student and his gang. A pretty basic but enjoyable story. The fight scenes are pretty well done in an exaggerated but simple and brutal punchy/kicky/throwy style. And very little spastic monkey-style photography. I picked it up for $10 from

Next would be the big one: The Real Ghostbusters: The Complete Collection. All I can say is, thank you Time Life. After the incredibly crappy and insulting release by Sony Home Entertainment, where they released just three discs with a random four episodes on each, this collection is basically the benchmark now that all other TV series packages should strive for. It has 25 DVDs with all 147 episodes, plus all Slimer! episodes. It comes in a collector's box that's a miniature firehouse. The firehouse contains 5 steel book case boxes that hold the 25 DVDs. There's also a TON of extras, over 12 hours worth. The original, never aired promotional pilot. Twenty one on-camera commentary tracks with various cast and crew members. Five documentaries. Eighty Six of the episodes have introductions. A 16 page booklet contains episode synopses, trivia, and art for every episode. There's scripts, storyboards, image galleries, music and effects tracks. And finally a whole bunch of interviews with cast and crew such as J. Michael Staczynski. All this for only $179 from Time Life. And time life lets you pay in four installments. That was the big clincher for me. I definitely couldn't justify shelling out almost $200 at the time, but they let me pay for 1/4th of it plus all shipping and tax up front. This was right around $50, they only charge $5 for standard shipping. And three more payments of $43 three weeks apart. The only DVD to come close to this set is the Blade Runner Five-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition. You can tell that both collection's are the product of someone who actually cares about it. Time Life has an interesting catalog of classic TV available. I hope the get the rights to release some more recent stuff. I'd kill for a Night Court set of similar quality.

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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Monday I gave [ profile] tiasian a wet willie, then I took it back (-5 points). In September I stole [ profile] shikei_and_cz's purse (-30 points). Last month I helped [ profile] gothic_blue hide a body (-173 points). In October I pulled [ profile] onyxsphinx's hair (-5 points). In July I gave [ profile] debu_chan a Dutch Oven (-10 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-223 points). For Christmas I deserve a moldy sandwich!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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Since there was very little on TV and we're very limited in the channels we receive free with cable internet, we ended up watching 'Nazi UFO Conspiracy. They had these BRILLIANT(And by brilliant, I mean REALLY BAD.) CGI renderings of Nazi UFOs. One of which looked like an Evil Nazi Bell. At which point I comment to Drea, "Look! It's the Tyranny Bell, the Liberty Bell's evil twin!".
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