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I figured I'd do a follow up post for the rest of the movies I saw in 2010. Not quite as many as the first half, but still a pretty good number. Looks to be 24 films total this year.

Inception: Very good overall. Not as confusing as many would have you believe.
Scott Pilgrim vs the World: Good, despite Michael Cera. A very, very niche movie. Very much a love it or hate it film. I don't see there being much middle ground.
The Expendables: Good. It is distilled 80s action movie.
Machete: Good. It delivered everything the trailers promised.
Red: Very good. Just fun overall.
Skyline: Everything that wasn't computer generated was pretty well awful. If I hadn't expected it to be utter drek, I'd have wanted my money back after the ending scene. Eve
Megamind: Very good. It's a toss up between this and Despicable Me for favorite animated film of the year. I don't much care for Will Ferrel, but throughout the movie I don't think there was a single moment where it was really obvious to me he was doing the voice acting.
Shrek Forever After: This was playing second after Megamind at the drive-in. Mandy wanted to see it. I'm not a fan of the series, in fact this may be the only one I've watched beginning to end. Surprisingly dark film, not in tone, but not bright. Lots of scenes were hard to see at a drive-in. Overall not bad, but Shrek still not my thing.
Faster: Good revenge flick. Duane should stick to this type of stuff.
Tangled: Good. But after all the good non-Disney animated stuff I've seen I've pretty much lost what little tolerance I had for the superfluous Disney musical scenes.
True Grit: Very good. Definitely top 3 film of this year.
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