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I decided to do a relatively brief write up on the movies I've seen so far this year. 2010 has been a pretty good year so far for at least getting me to head out to the theater. I've been to probably more movies this year than the past two or three combined. And I know of around a half dozen or more things coming up that I want to see as well(Tron, Scott Pilgrim, Expendables.). So, the movies, in no particular order.

Book of Eli: Good. Some plot holes, but they're more of an issue once you think about it after the movie is over vs stuff that jumps out while watching it. But hey, post-apocalyptic Denzel with swords.
Wolfman: Ok. Probably better if you're really a genre fan, or if like my room mate does, claim that Benicio Del Toro's is your Secret Internet Boyfriend.
Cop Out: Good. A definite homage to all the 80s buddy cop movies.
Clash of the Titans: Bad. The only bad movie I've seen this year. See below entry for more details why.
The Losers: Good. Mindless action flick for the most part. Zoe Saldana was by far the worst part. Her character and sub-plot could have been dropped and greatly improved the film.
The Crazies: Good. Fun zombie apocalypse type film. My only real gripe is the characters kept splitting up for no logical reasons.
Hot Tub Time Machine: Good. Another homage to 80s movies, this time the outrageous party type.
Kick-Ass: Good. Not exactly the same as the books, but the changes were all pretty much improvements for the movie format.
Robin Hood: Ok. Paced way too slow and too long over all. Annoying that it's an unfinished story and we'll likely never get the rest.
Iron Man 2: Good. If Marvel keeps releasing movies of similar quality I will be a happy camper for quite some time.
A-Team: Good. More mindless action. Obviously, not the same as the TV series, but the spirit of the show is pretty much there.
Despicable Me: Good. Fun all around movie. The minions are the best part, especially the glow minion.
Predators: Good. Decent sequal to the original movie. It's a bit dark for seeing at the drive-in. I liked that the used the original music. A number of small homages to the original. Topher Grace should have been gutted early in the film.
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