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Saw Clash of the Titans at the drive-in tonight. It is a bad movie. Not horrible, it has some nifty cgi, and some decent scenes, but the three writers were definitely partaking of the crack pipe when they wrote the script. We kept track of how many things were just WTF wrong well before it was over. The plot was incoherent and contradictory, they seemed to be going for a whole humans not needing the gods and able to do things on their own theme. However, Perseus is only able to do things because he's a demi-god(Such as being able to best trained and experience warriors with absolutely no training or experience of his own.) thus completely contradicting the main theme. Here's a list of things I can recall, I'm also putting them in the order I remember them happening in the film.

1. Danae being dead in the coffin.
2. Being raised as just a common fisherman.
3. Hades in the story at all except as possibly gifting the Helm to Perseus.
4. Hades being the villian.
5. Hades killing Perseus' adoptive family.
6. Argos being the city where Cassiopeia and Andromeda live.
7. Hades killing Cassiopeia after she gives the big speech about Andromeda's beauty.
8. Io.
9 No gifts from the gods except the sword(Mythologysaber) and Pegasus(Who really does nothing until nearly the end of the film.).
10. King Acrisius of Argos was married to Danae and attempted to murder her and Perseus.
11. Zeus struck Acrisius with a bolt of lightning disfiguring him.
12. Acrisius is Calibos.
13. Hades convinces Calibos to help him, and sets him off to kill Perseus.
14. After rescuing Andromeda, Perseus leaves her to rule Argos along.
15. Zeus resurrects the dead Io and she and Perseus live happily ever after."
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