Jan. 17th, 2009 03:01 am
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I haven't been buying many new DVDs and things recently. The current iPod support gig doesn't give me quite as much play money. That and I've been trying to build back some of the savings I spent when I was off work between March and September. There's also been some medical bills in the past month, but nothing too bad. They didn't stop me from making a couple of recent good purchases.

First, Crows ZERO. Another movie by our friend Takashi Miike. Definitely the least disturbing Takashi Miike film I've seen. To steal from wikipedia, "The film centers around the character Genji Takaya, a newcomer to Suzuran High School who aims to 'conquer' Suzuran. Genji makes a deal with his father, Hideo Takitani. If he can conquer the school, he will be allowed to succeed his father as the head of his yakuza syndicate.". Standing in his way is Tamao Serizawa, the current "Monster" third year student and his gang. A pretty basic but enjoyable story. The fight scenes are pretty well done in an exaggerated but simple and brutal punchy/kicky/throwy style. And very little spastic monkey-style photography. I picked it up for $10 from Sundevildvd.com.

Next would be the big one: The Real Ghostbusters: The Complete Collection. All I can say is, thank you Time Life. After the incredibly crappy and insulting release by Sony Home Entertainment, where they released just three discs with a random four episodes on each, this collection is basically the benchmark now that all other TV series packages should strive for. It has 25 DVDs with all 147 episodes, plus all Slimer! episodes. It comes in a collector's box that's a miniature firehouse. The firehouse contains 5 steel book case boxes that hold the 25 DVDs. There's also a TON of extras, over 12 hours worth. The original, never aired promotional pilot. Twenty one on-camera commentary tracks with various cast and crew members. Five documentaries. Eighty Six of the episodes have introductions. A 16 page booklet contains episode synopses, trivia, and art for every episode. There's scripts, storyboards, image galleries, music and effects tracks. And finally a whole bunch of interviews with cast and crew such as J. Michael Staczynski. All this for only $179 from Time Life. And time life lets you pay in four installments. That was the big clincher for me. I definitely couldn't justify shelling out almost $200 at the time, but they let me pay for 1/4th of it plus all shipping and tax up front. This was right around $50, they only charge $5 for standard shipping. And three more payments of $43 three weeks apart. The only DVD to come close to this set is the Blade Runner Five-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition. You can tell that both collection's are the product of someone who actually cares about it. Time Life has an interesting catalog of classic TV available. I hope the get the rights to release some more recent stuff. I'd kill for a Night Court set of similar quality.



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