Sep. 24th, 2009

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I had a few more appointments this week. Tuesday I went to my primary care doctor and to the podiatrist. The podiatrist wrapped both legs from ankle to knee. The compression will help force some of the liquid up into the body where it can be removed and the wrappings will help clear the rash I had on my legs. It seems to have helped some. They're supposed to be on my legs for 10 days, but I doubt they'll last that long. They're already pretty ragged. After that I spoke with my primary doctor and reviewed how things were going. She doubled the dosage of the generic Lasix, and gave me a prescription for a second, supplementary diuretic. And pending the outcome of the echocardiogram had discussed me goinig to a medical facility in Tucson that speciallized in Lymphatic Adema.

Wednesday, I made it to the cardiologist for the echocardiogram. The good news, not lymphatic. We also appear to have found the cause of the water retention. The bad news, it is heart related. My heart appears to be working at a fairly low capacity along with some relatively high blood pressure. The cardiologist is not certain of the cause of the heart issues, it could be the Diabetes, or a blockage, or something else. But he agrees with my primary doctor that treating the water retention must come first. He also prescribed some blood pressure medication, and wants to see me back next week. I also have another appointment with the primary doctor the following day. Basically they want to see how the higher doses of diuretics help.

Due to a screw up by the pharmacy, I didn't get the new diuretic until this evening, but I did start doubling the other. This did result in significant changes. I took the pills at around 11am when I woke, and from Noon til around 6pm I had to go like clockwork every 30 minutes. Some areas are noticably less swollen so that's good as well. I can only imaging what things are gonna be like with the second diuretic, but it all appears to be working. And I need more blood work on Monday. Let's hope they can find a vein without too much adventure this time.


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